Monday, May 19, 2014

   I loved hearing about the events of this week! Thanks for the great email Mom. It was fun to read. :) Well...this has been an amazing week. A week and a half ago in a zone meeting we were all committed to teaching 40 lessons each week! Crazy! So this was our first week with this new goal and.........we saw SO many miracles! (Despite the 106 degree weather.) I was truly humbled as we just showed our willingness and worked hard and we found ourselves in the exact places that we needed to be and at the exact right times. We were able to teach a total of 44 lessons. :) It's definitely not us. I am so grateful for the Lord and for how he is guiding us in this, His work. There is no better feeling than to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.
   Our investigators in this area are doing so well. S. is so sweet. We love her and she has been coming to church every week and reading from the Book of Mormon. She asks amazing, sweet questions. The Relief Society threw a baby-shower for her this week since she's so far from the rest of her family. I think she loved it. We've been meeting with a man named Michael who has such a light about him. This week as we were reading from the Book of Mormon on his front steps, Sister Moure and I felt prompted that we needed to bring up baptism with him again in a specific way. He is now committed and excited to be baptized in late June. L. and M. and their family are doing so well. They brought one of their daughters to church yesterday and we loved having the three of them there. He is so excited about this church and the Priesthood and is eagerly guiding his family in this direction. We have many others we are working with, but I thought I'd give you a few. :) I love this work. I love these people.
   Transfer news: Sister Moure and I are staying here together for another transfer! We are so excited. I love her so much and we love working together. We get so much done and have so much fun. (It's only a 5 week transfer in preparation for the upcoming mission President change.) Most of our district is changing. This has been an amazing district to be a part of. I'm excited to see who comes. One of the new Hermanas coming to live with us in our apartment is actually Hermana Newman who I knew really, really well back in Newbury Park for 3 transfers! I'm excited to see her again.
   Everyone have an amazing week! I loved the pictures. Thank you! Dad, good luck on your trip! Mom, great job on the dress. Lydia is far more beautiful than I was in it. :) I'm glad she was able to use it. Emma...LOVE the wig. ;) Alright, well, I love you all so much and think about you often. You're all amazing. Have a good one!
(Sister Hardman)
P.S.-Sister Moure, the Hermanas and I had a Testaments dress up this week! So fun. I'll send pictures. I was Mara. You're all the best!

Sheepy-sheep! ;)

Hot week! 106 and going strong. :) It has made me really appreciate the 80 degree weather that I thought was hot.

The Testaments Photo Shoot 
I was Mara, Sister Moure makes the perfect Lanaia, and Hermana Winn was Jacob. J

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