Monday, July 7, 2014

Dear Family,
   (Explanation for the short simple email: The computers aren't working very well today and all of us are having a hard time getting anything to load or send, so I only have 5 minutes left. :( Here we go. I know it's short, but trust me, I'm doing well, I'm really happy and I'm having a ton of fun. I love being a missionary more and more everyday. And I'm pretty sure that I would love being a trainer for the rest of my mission.)
   Happy 4th of July! I loved hearing about your week. I loved the pictures too! That's my family! The ones outside our house with Timp. in the background and all of you laughing and having a great time made me smile.
   Training is going really well. I love this assignment and I love all that I am learning. Trust me, I have a LOT to learn. And it's comin. Sister Evans is great and I love working with her. Our investigators are doing really well. And oh my goodness, I love this ward. :) I feel like a part of the ward family now.
   This Thursday we met President and Sister Felix. They are so great! They kind of remind me of you Mom and Dad. We got to meet with them as companionships to get to know them for a few minutes. I love them already and I'm really excited to be able to work with them.
   The 4th of July was great! Lunch was provided by Bethany (Subway giftcard. Thanks!) And I had a wonderful dinner of tri-tip steak at a members home, then we had to be in by 7. We got to Weekly Plan! With lots of yummy 4th of July treats. And then we partied as an apartment. Hermana Winn, Hermana Newman, and Sister Evans and I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the glowstick, Beth!
   I love you all so much. You're in my prayers and thoughts. I hope you have an amazing week. Much love!
~Melanie (Sister Hardman)
P.S.-We've done a LOT of knocking this week, and yes, it was VERY hot. But we've had a lot of fun with it too. Here's an example of a conversation between me and Sister Evans. I say, squinting up into the sky, "Hey look, a cloud!" Sister Evans, "Maybe it'll cover the sun." Me, wiping the sweat from my forehead, "Come on, little cloud, you can do it!" Yes...I felt like I was a character in Holes. Fun stuff! :) Love you! 

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