Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey Everyone!
   I hope you're all having a fantastic day. :) Things are cheery and bright here.
   It's been a wonderful week. I think time is going by faster and faster every single week. It's flying. I'm loving every second and I'm so grateful for the opportunities that we have to teach, serve, love, and learn. Here's an update:
   M. is doing well. We talked about the Book of Mormon and scriptures and prayer a lot. He's reading and praying about all of it. Just saying, he's really good about keeping his commitments every lesson. And then later in the week we watched Finding Faith In Christ (while eating probably way too many of Sister Nielsen's yummy cookies) and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is praying about a specific baptismal date right now. We'll follow-up at our lesson tonight. We're hopeful. It seems that he really wants this, but is worried about what his family will think. We met his family this week and they seemed super happy and open about it, so we're hoping M. will feel better. I'll let you know. Thank you for your prayers in behalf of me and in behalf of those who we're teaching. I know it makes a difference.
   About my companion, I love Sister Wilson. We have so much fun. She's hilarious. Our inside jokes are endless. And we help each other in so many ways. She definitely helps me. I just feel like I can really be the best missionary I can be, the missionary I want to be, and it seems so easy to do that with her. I love it. She teaches me so much by her example of serving others, being bold and courageous, and loving those around us. I'm grateful for her and our time together.
   Service miracle from this week: We were teaching our usual bible study at the Lexington on Wednesday and we usually finish with singing them a few songs. We were about done when one of the newer ladies said, "Can you sing one more? I Am A Child of God." My mouth almost dropped. No one knows that song but members of the church right? So we sang it and she sang with us and looked so happy. After the study group we talked with her. Turns out she's one of the ladies in our ward that we've been trying to find. She was excited to meet with us and get our number. Miracle. We had been searching for her just the week before.
   There are a few way exciting things coming up this week!
~I'll find out about my last transfer on Saturday morning. What do you think? Will I get to spend the rest of my mission in Ventura with Sister Wilson or will things be changed up? You never know. I'll be great with whatever happens though. I'm excited.
~They announced that we're having a big meeting on this upcoming Sunday night with ALL of the missionaries in the mission here at the Ventura stake center. I've only ever had a meeting with ALL of the missionaries a year ago when Elder Russell M. Nelson came to the mission. They haven't told us what the meeting will be, other than that it will be a very spiritual and good experience. We're excited. We'll see what happens.
~This week we're going to the Temple! I'm SO excited. I wasn't expecting to get to go to the LA Temple again on my mission. But Sister Wilson's birthday is on the 20th, so we get to go to the temple this week. We're going on Wednesday the 15th during a morning session. I'm so excited. I love the Temple. I'll be thinking about all of you.
   Alright, I have a video for you all to watch. It's a Mormon Message called "Look Not Behind Thee." Sister Wilson showed it to me and we've been using it as a dinner message this week and talking about General Conference. The video is actually pretty funny and I think you'll all enjoy it. It's for New Years, but think about how it applies to General Conference. I hope you like it. I know Conference is a wonderful opportunity for us to start again and to renew our commitment to do better and to move forward with cheerfulness and excitement. Don't look back. Don't let things hold you back. "Keep Moving Foward." :)
   I love you all very much! Thanks for the wonderful letter Daddy, and Mom for today's great email, and thanks everyone for the love. Have a fantastic day and a wonderful week. And for those going on vacation or trips. Travel safely and have so much fun!
Love, Melanie (Sister Hardman) there we were reconfirming how we were going to approach our next lesson when I glance out the window of the car and exclaim, "What is THAT?!" Um...a dead possum? Look above my hand in the picture. Ew. But so random.

~Happy day when we both got a bunch of fan mail! We were SO happy!!! Thanks Dad and others!

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