Monday, April 7, 2014

My Dear Family,
   Our Heavenly Father loves us so much! General Conference is such an amazing gift that he gives us. Do you feel his love? I felt it in every single word and feeling that came with the conference. General Conference was so amazing. Everything was inspired. It has strengthened my testimony of true and living prophets and apostles. I love this restored gospel and all it brings. Our Heavenly Father truly loves us and is willing and anxious to help us overcome our weaknesses and pains. As some of you know, I always write 3 specific questions down before conference that I look for the answers for. All of my questions were answered in amazing ways, and so much additional guidance was given to me. The Sunday morning session specifically made a huge impact on me. I felt that the whole session was just for me. I understand so many things better now and know how I need to and can improve. I love general conference! I have, taped to the front inside cover of my study journal the picture of me and you Mom and Dad at conference 6 months ago. It makes me smile. A lot can happen in 6 months. Crazy huh? I felt close to all of you throughout all of conference. Did you feel close to me? I love you, family! A few of my favorite talks were President Eyring's on the hope of eternal families, Gary E. Stevensen's on the whole olympics and 4 minutes thing. These are "our 4 minutes" we have prepared prior to this life, and we have to make these "4 minutes" count. I loved it! Plus hearing anything about the olympics was cool. And Elder Bednar's was one of my favorites too, Mom! That was an amazing talk! I hope that I can learn to be more "yolked with the Savior". This gospel is amazing. I also loved President Monson's talk on Love and President Uchtdorf said some really touching things as well. I loved what he said about how there are no endings in our destiny. I loved that. :)  Also about us being grateful in every situation we're in. The Sunday Morning Session was my session. That is when all of you questions were answered and I felt the spirit so strongly. It touched me so much. Every word. What were some of your favorite parts?
   S. is doing amazing. He watched all of general conference and loved it. On Sunday he came to both sessions at the church with us (where the missionaries in our area gather and watch it together. It was fun.) and expressed to us a few of his favorite talks and things that had really touched him. We also had a lesson with him about Temples and Family History work. It was so special and I am so excited for him. I've realized how amazing both of those aspects of the gospel are. But he's doing great. It's amazing to watch the gospel take effect in people's lives. When the seed of testimony is planted and nourished, it can grow at an amazing rate. It's so humbling and encouraging. I love missionary work. I want everyone to have this truth, this peace, and this happiness.
   Our investigators in this area are doing so well. We have definitely seen miracles in the last few weeks. J. has been progressing so much! He surprised us with his desire to put more effort into finding out if the Book of Mormon is true. He's been reading it on his own now and praying to know that it's true. We go and read with him every week, and he is beginning to apply what we read to his life and really like it. We're so excited for him. His progress has been slow, but it has been sure. We were able to catch M. this week and share a quick message with her. She and her family have been so busy lately and it has been so hard for us to get ahold of them, but we were able to schedule a return appointment. They came so far, but they've fallen away this past month. But I know that they have sincere hearts and that they can come to know that this is the truth. We just have to be persistant in helping them find that. We had a lesson with B. and A. who both love the Book of Mormon and know it's true. B. wants to be baptized. We brought one of the young women from our ward to the lesson as the "member present" and it went really well. It was so exciting to talk to the young woman after the lesson. She is so excited to serve a mission someday and she told us that she had never felt so good before, than how she felt in that lesson, sharing the gospel. It reminded me of my strong desire to serve a mission and how much I love being able to share the gospel.
   Transfer News!!! I am being transferred to Moorpark! The Moorpark 1st ward in the Thousand Oaks Zone. I am so excited. I'm going to be companions with Sister Moure who was actually trained by Sister Dixon a while back. I'm the junior companion still, but I'm actually going to be the designated driver now! Fun! I haven't driven a car in almost 5 months! I'll be driving us back from Ventura tomorrow after transfer meeting. It will be really hard to say goodbye to some of the people I've come to love so much in this ward tonight. But I am also so excited for this next transfer! I have a really good feeling about this new transfer. I am going to do my absolute best. I'm going to be the best missionary I can be.
   Grandma, I love you so much! You are such an amazing example to me, and I read your letters and look at the picture of you and grandpa that you sent me often. I am so proud to be a member of your family, and I am eternally grateful for everything you do. You're amazing! Keep it up! Have a wonderful week and feel better please. I love you!
   Emma, keep up "steady as the Beating Drum!" Haha. :) I'm proud of you. Your Temple is beautiful. Did you get my last letter a couple weeks ago? Beth, I loved your letter. I'm writing you a letter next week! Expect that in the mail in a couple weeks. I hope you and James are having a wonderful time. Susan, you crazy! Have a fun time in your travels! Let me know how it goes! Mom, I loved the package. Yes I got it, and thanks! You're the best! Have an amazing time in Maui! I was wondering when you were going to do that again. I'll think of you when you're close! (And all the time.) Thanks for all of your love and support! You have a missionary that loves and supports you too!
Melanie (Sister Hardman)

Me, Sister Draney, and Hermana Smith on our hike. I love this district. J

After conference snack. J I thought of you, Mom.

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