Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Family,
   I have wonderful news. I felt really good all of this week! I'm definitely adjusting. And because I'm more adjusted and stable emotionally, I am able to enjoy so much more. Losing myself in the work, focusing on the needs of others, and really enjoying each bit of support from all of you. Letters don't make me cry anymore, they make me so happy. Letters, pictures, and thinking about family and home isn't as hard anymore because I'm really happy to be here. It just makes me very excited for the great things that will come after my mission. Thank you all for all of your love and support. I need and appreciate every evidence of it I get. Thank you for praying for me. It has helped and helps me every day. I pray for all of you every day, and I hope that you're doing great. Dad, I received your "encoded" letter on Saturday night and loved it! I hadn't received any mail for over a week, and that made me so happy. I loved hearing about home and family on New Years, and I really felt that I was there with you as I read that letter. Thank you so much! Feel free to send me things like that any time. Even though I don't have much time to write or email back, I have plenty of time each night and during lunch and breakfast to read what I get. So the more the merrier! Really! :)  Thank you for the email about the holidays. I loved hearing about all of you, and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time together.
   Dad, thank you for your advice about teaching and talking to people. You're right. I know that I have a lot that I want to share. So many truths that I know will all my heart. And I want others to hear that and understand those truths so that they can have happiness too. I just have to get over the hump of my fear of talking to people. My goodness, it gets in the way as a missionary. We're working on it today. I was able to stop a few people on the street this week. And Sister Cusick is able to push me and instruct me on little things to do at a time so that I can be braver. She really is wonderful. We've gotten to know each other so much more, and I love her.
   Oh! By the way! The next transfer meeting is next Tuesday, the 14th! Wow time flies, sort of, but anyway, there's a possibility that I may be transferred. We won't know until next Monday when they call...dun, Dun, DUN! We'll just have to wait and see. But yeah, so just to be on the safe side, make sure that anything you mail to me is sent to the Mission Office address. I really wonder what will happen with transfers. I may be moved, I may not be with Sister Cusick anymore, there's even the possibility of training after only 6 weeks, crazy huh? Well...I trust Heavenly Father completely, that whatever happens will be for the best.
   So this week we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with a family of sincere seekers of truth! They are a wonderful couple who really have a desire to have the truth and they are so open and willing to listen to what we teach. They have a teenage son that is struggling and they really want this gospel to help him, but it's been wonderful for us to try to show them how much it can also bless them. The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the whole family! They came to church yesterday and they are enjoying things in the Book of Mormon! It all makes me feel very excited. There is something about teaching a family that feels so right in missionary work.
   Oh, Mom, I'm sorry about the expensive lunch on New Year's Eve! We found a Thai restaurant and we just had to! Sorry, I won't make it a habit. :) I hope you have some Thai food soon too.
   Also, New Year's Eve was fun. We had a meeting with our wonderful ward mission leader and his wife and then we had to go to our apartment early for safety. :) We celebrated in the usual way with the usual snacks. We sat on the counter just chatting for a while. It was a very fun night.
   This week should be exciting. It may or may not be my last week here. We'll see, but we'll make it a good one.
   I love you all so much! I pray for each of you specifically each night, for your specific needs. I really, really do love you. You make me smile. :) I smile at your pictures on my wall a lot.

(Sister Hardman)

PS- please tell the Bishop that I loved his letter. It made me so happy. I love our ward family.  Also, can someone send me the lyrics to all of the Hardman Pioneer Band songs? I love singing them at night and during the day in my head and I can't remember a few of the lines. :)

 Cheese and crackers and beef stick! And yes, I love sitting on the counter.

 Happy New Year! We had to come in 2 hours early, and we were able to celebrate with Martinelli's!

Yes...we found a Thai restaurant. Masaman...:) Happy New Years Eve!

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