Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Family,
   Sorry this is short. I'm so out of time today. :( But I wanted to let you know that I love you all so much! I'm glad you all remember me. I think I remember you too. ;) I haven't gotten the package yet or any letters this week, but maybe tonight? Thank you all for sending me things! I love it so much. Yes, I did have a wonderful mission week, Mom. I'm doing better and better each week at being happier, more confident, having more fun, and enjoying being here as a missionary. I LOVE hearing from all of you though. And staring at pictures of your beautiful faces motivates me to work hard and keep going. A quilt? A quilt?! I'm so excited for a Super Nova! And to recieve any letters from you all. I'm so glad you have fun evenings together on Sunday nights. I think about that all the time and it makes me smile to imagine what you might be doing. I'll send a letter home today. I'm doing really well, never fear. (Still pray for me please, it's still really hard sometimes. But I know I can do this.) We worked hard this week and I'm having more fun and being happier. I love the Book of Mormon by the way. :)
   Everyone, have a fantastic week, I'll be thinking about you all. Thanks for the motivation that you give me, just by being an important part of my life!
Love you,
(Sister Hardman)

It finally rained! I've been waiting my WHOLE LIFE! Apparently we're in a pretty bad drought, so I appreciated the little rain storm we had Sunday Afternoon.

Happy week. :)

Me and Hermana Smith on our District Hike last Monday. I love my District. :)

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