Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Family,
   Here it is: I love being a missionary! I found it this week. I am so happy and excited to report that i made a major leap this week. I'll admit, it was a rollercoaster for the first few days, of emotions and stress, leading up to an overwhelming climax. I reached a point where I needed help. But I know that Heavenly Father is so aware of us and all of our needs. He WILL provide. He always will as long as we have faith. I also know that when things are hard we need to do our best to just keep going, pushing through until the relief comes. Wednesday was a very hard day for me, but I kept going, knowing that Heavenly Father would help. And the relief and help did come. That night, i had a half an hour long conversation on the phone with President Castro. Wow... I don't even know what to say, other than that i have a testimony that our leaders are called of God and that they are inspired and receive revelation to help those that they are over. That phone call helped me so much. It comforted, assured, supported, relieved, directed, encouraged, and empowered me. And it really has been amazing to watch the change that has taken place over the past few days. I made a firm new resolve to work as hard as I can, no matter how hard or scary it is, and as a result, i was that I really do have the capability to do so much! That motivated me even more and I now have a stronger desire to serve and to spread the gospel. I am so much happier. I feel so much more adjusted. I feel so much more capable. And I have learned to love the work. I love the people here that we serve. I love trying my hardest to help others understand and feel what i know is true. The gospel blesses you so much. It feels so good to share it. Mom, your letter came a few days ago. And yes, I do love being a missionary!
   By the way, it's my 2nd month! I've been a missionary for 2 whole months! Ah it's been so long but at the same time it's gone by fast...and slow...who knows! Missionary time is so confusing. Also, I LOVED the package and the letters that I have received this week. Thank you so much for the support. Mom and Dad, I loved your letters. I love the things you included in the package mom. And Emma, you great sister you, thank you for the letter and for totally taking care of all of the things I asked you for. Really, everything i got this week was great. :) Thank you!
   It was Stake Conference here this weekend. M. and G. came! And it was such a great conference. It was wonderful! It was a broadcast from some of the leaders of the church and it was so amazing. Those talks are ones that i really want all of you to hear. Look them up if you can! President Eyring's talk was so...yeah...Dad, i think you want to hear that one. It was all about missionary work, families, and other such stuff that is really important to me. Dad I loved what you said about winning big time with our family. I couldn't agree more. And mom, I loved the quotes from my missionary friends. Thank you so much! I haven't really heard much from them, so i loved it.
   I hope you all are doing well. I'm sorry for the short emails today...we're running pretty soon. We're going on a hike as a district! :) That will be fun. For all of you that are still waiting on a response, I'm wokring to get faster and more effective in email time. It goes by so fast. But I love you all and will write you back soon. Bonnie and Susan, and mom and dad thank you so much for your emails today. i love you all. I'm glad you all get to spend time together. :) Keep it up. Keep our family strong and happy and faithful while I'm gone. You all mean so much to me. I'm praying for each of you. And I'm excited to hear more from you soon!
Lovin' you lots and lots!
(Sister Hardman)

P.S. I hope you all enjoyed the quotes. :) I pretend in my head that I'm quoting things to all of you all day...I don't say them outloud.
P.P.S. Did you all watch That Thing You Do this week? Mom, Dad, and Emma you all ended your letters with Lovin' you lots and lots (or close to it). Emma, you actually sang it...on paper!

I love you! :)

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