Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Family,
   My dear ones! I love you all so much and think of you often. I'm always praying for you and hoping that you're doing great. I love hearing from all of you and being able to find out about how you are doing. Your letters, packages, and emails mean so much to me. They lift me up so much. Thank you. Mom, I actually didn't get the package you sent me until last night. Strange huh? But I was so excited about it. It was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father that it didn't come to me until last night. For some reasons it's really hard for me to not get really homesick on Sundays. I miss being at church and at home with you on those days. But it's alright, I keep working and things always get better. The package was a very nice blessing though. The oils are wonderful mom, I've been using them a lot. Certain ones more than others, but I really appreciate them. Also, thank you for the vitamins and the wonderful letter. I will be writing you back today. Also, the cute little stuffed bunny? I love him. :) He is precious to me because of the story and the love and care behind him. Thank you so much for that gift mom. His name is Timp. :) Yes, like Mount Timpanogos (which if I remember correctly is actually a girl name, right?) But oh well, he is a bit of home for me, so I'll call him Timp. So Dad, I'm so proud that you're my dad. I'm so impressed by how hard you work and for your knowledge of both smart stuff and especially spiritual stuff. Thank you for raising me strong in the gospel.  Bonnie, Emma, Bethany, and Grandma, thank you so much for your letters this week! I loved them so much. I'll reply back either this week or next. Susan, have an amazing birthday! I love you! I'm sending you a card. And just a secret...I'm still working hard for you with what you requested of me. ;)
   So it rained this Sunday! Yay! We prayed and fasted for rain as a stake and it was a very nice little storm. It makes me very happy to be out in the rain when I have to bundle up. Unfortunately that made it so that our apartment was pretty cold this week. We need to get the heating fixed. We've been going to bed wearing 4 pairs of pants and several jackets. :) It's all good though. It's worth it. I love the weather outside.
   Sorry this is actually pretty short today. I finally found a way of getting the pictures you email me onto something that I can print out later, so that took me a while. But just know that I love you all very much and that you're all my motivation. :) Keep smiling. Keep being you. I love our family and I always will!
   Oh! I almost forgot, I had a random request. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but could someone please make me a nice Hardman Pioneer Band shirt? Haha. I'm completely serious. I want one. (And not just a cheap white t-shirt please. Maybe a cheap green one or something.) Beth and Lisa you're in charge of that.
I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! I'm thinking of you all and smiling because of you.
Love, Mel
   (Sister Hardman) it's been very cold in our apartment this last week. We resort to wearing really funny outfit combinations during study time. Yes PJs go well with skirts. :)

 I loved getting the package, Mom! And this is my very precious Timp.

 We fasted and prayed for rain this Sunday, and look what we had that evening!

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