Monday, February 17, 2014

Ah! Almost out of time today! But I have so much to tell you. I'll summarize.
   I'm doing really well and loving the work. I have learned so much over the past several months. This Thursday is my 3 month mission birthday! Wow! I'm doing it! Also, this is my last week being trained. The 12 week training program is almost done. Sister Cusick and I have set some awesome goals for this week. I'll be working pretty hard and doing a lot of "out of my comfort zone" things. Please keep me in your prayers. Please pray that I won't have so much fear about talking to people. Also, because of transfers, remember that if you're sending anything this week, it should probably go through the mission office address so that I can get it. As far as next transfer goes, I have a feeling that I'm going to be staying here in Newbury Park, but I think that Sister Cusick is going on to other things. There are lots of people that need her training. :) She's an amazing trainer. But hey if I get to go to transfer meeting because of that, I'll finally get to see the ocean over the hill, Mom. :)
   So we went to the Los Angeles Temple this week and it was amazing! It was so weird to leave the mission, and then to be in a place that I remember being in my normal life! When we were leaving the temple, i could see the Hollywood sign in the distance, and I thought, "I know where I am!!!" I no longer feel so lost. I know where I am, and how to get home. ;) Anyway, the temple was wonderful, but i did miss being there with family. i can't wait to go back with family in the future. Sister Hansen in the ward took us. She is so wonderful. I love her. We've been seeing her a lot since Christmas.
   Mom, I LOVE the quilt! It's so wonderful! Thank you so much. i got it on Valentine's Day and I was so happy. It is a hug from you. It's so soft and the weight makes me feel good at night. I love it so much. Way to go. And you're letter was so upbeat and made me smile lots. Beth, thanks so much for the package from you too! I love getting packages so much and you always put the right things in there.
   Concerning the work, it's going really well. M. and G. are so amazing. I love them so much and their doing really well. They have a baptismal date for March 8th now and we are so excited for them. I think they are really excited too. We taught the Word of Wisdom to M. this week and since G. was at work, we taught it to him over the phone that night, haha. That was fun. Anyway, i love their family and am so happy for them.
   Sorry that i didn't have time today to read the email before typing this and sorry that it isn't very long. I'm writing a letter to you Mom and Dad, and one to Emma, and one to Bonnie and Dave today. :) Be excited.
I love you all SOOOOO much! Jana, keep going! You're in my prayers. Have an amazing week everyone! Send me all the letters you'd like. ;)
Love you!


Sister Hardman

 Things that make me smile. :) I love the quilt Mom!

 This reminded me of you, Mom. :) (Near the Temple.)

Loved the Los Angeles Temple. :) Can't wait to go back with family. Love you!

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