Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear Family,
   Wow what a week. :) I'm doing well. I am very happy and progressing lots!Monday was a crazy day of getting ready for Transfers and writing in "Shout-out" journals for those in our District that were leaving, and then running around that night so that Sister Cusick could say goodbye to people. Neither of us could sleep very well that night. Transfers can be kind of scary. (Like coming on a mission.) You have no idea exactly what it's about to be like for you, but you trust the Lord and you know that whatever happens in supposed to happen. The next morning we woke up really early to finish some things and then to drive to the church to meet our ride. That morning we had the thickest fog I've ever seen, it was so cool! I loved Transfer meeting. Being there with so many missionaries and hearing President and Sister Castro speak, it was great. I saw Sister Nicholas and Sister Blanchard from the MTC there and we talked for a while. That was so happy. We loved seeing each other again. It was weird to flashback to when we all started together more than 3 months ago in the MTC. Wow...that was a long time ago, and things were so different. But I still remember all of those feelings very well. I have come a long way. :)   Oh and by the way, I finally saw the ocean! You could barely see it from the stake center where we have transfer meetings, but I saw it! I've been so excited for that. 
   So, my new companion: Sister Dixon. I love her. We get along so well and we have so many similarities. We have a lot of fun together and we're able to help support each other a lot, so that we can focus on the needs of those we are serving and teaching. I think that we are both really excited for this transfer. A little bit about her? She's from Riverton, Utah actually, but she was born in Canada. (I haven't gotten her to sing their song for me yet.) She has been on her mission for 9 months. She came out here at the same time as Sister Cusick. She has served in Camarillo, Moorpark, San Luis, and now Newbury Park. She laughs when I say my little jokes or puns. :) She likes ice cream. Yeah we get along pretty well. I really like her.
   Mom, I got your package on Saturday. :) I loved it. Thank you so much. It's so fun for me to get letters and packages so fast when you are so close, just in another part of California. I hope you had a wonderful day at the Zoo. I love zoos. So much. Take me sometime please. We had fun tracting in the pouring rain and avoiding puddles. I love the boots we got me mom. Thanks. So where is Fountain Valley exactly? And how is work going Dad? You're awesome. Mom, your letter made me smile lots. I liked your little drawings, especially the little fish next to the "fish oil". I like my vitamins, thanks for keeping me stored. I always switch the lids so that I still have your little notes on how many to take. And the chocolate for my emotional well-being "from the tops of the mountains to the isles of the sea." (Utah Truffles and Hawaiian Host chocolates are the best) And thanks for the Welsh Cakes. You're great Mommy. Your "Golden haired California Missionary" loves you!
   Family, I hope you all take the letter I sent this week to heart, the one about the things you've taught me. I love you all so much and am so grateful for who you are and who you've made me. (Mom and Dad, can you send me a copy of that one actually? Thanks.)
   I've been studying a lot about faith this week. Faith requires belief and action. It doesn't quite work without both of those. This week I've been trying to focus on the believing aspect. There are so many places in the scriptures that talk about believing that you will receive. I love the scriptures and all of the things that they teach me. I thorougly enjoyed a couple of the Jacob/Isaiah chapters last night. When you really read the Book of Mormon, searching for things that can apply to you and to answers that you need, I know that you will find them. I love the Book of Mormon so much. I can't believe I haven't been reading more from it in my past. It's so amazing. The Spirit it brings in undeniable and so comforting. Anyone need a lift? Turn to the Book of Mormon and to prayer.
   The work went well this week, kind of a crazy week, but a lot of things were going on. G. and M. are doing really well. There baptismal date has been moved back a little bit. We'll be re-setting them with a date this week. We love them so much, they're doing awesome. And S.? He's doing so great! He is so amazing. We met with him and talked a lot with him last night, and I came away from that lesson just feeling so good. We're excited for his baptism next Saturday, March the 15th.
   Thanks for the email this morning Dad. I love hearing about what you're all doing. Thanks for the pictures. I'll print those out today. :) And yeah, it's been special to be a part of the special California fast. I'm glad you got to hear about that and learn more. Thanks for being faithful church-going people even when you're away from home. :) I hope you enjoy the rest of your business trip. Tell the seals that I say hi if you see them again.
   I love you all! I hope you're doing well, and I hope you have a fantastic week. You're in my thoughts and in my prayers. And on my wall. ;)
(Sister Hardman)

P.S.- Mom, is there any chance that you could send me my Jenny Phillips Like The Stars CD? And there's one that Sister Cusick had that was called The Work (The Nashville Tribute one). Is there any chance I could get those? Thanks for all you do. I love you!

Last morning together. It was SO foggy.

 We love Sister Stanridge. :)

I finally saw the ocean! :) This is at Transfer meeting in Ventura. 

 MTC friends at Transfer meeting! Sister Nicholas and Sister Blanchard. :)

 New companion: Sister Dixon

We both got packages from our loving mothers on Saturday morning! <3

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